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Apr 2017
Amit Bansal
Apr 13 2017 10:06
are there any samples as to how to use ServiceRegistry Interface for mnually Registering Service in Dalston release
I could not find it on github if you can point me to the right repository
Shivam Goel
Apr 13 2017 17:12
Is it possible that when one of the eureka serviceId is unavailable zuul can route the same request to different eureka serviceId. if yes, What's the best way to achieve ?
Apr 13 2017 17:29
@dsyer : In spring oauth how can I pass multiple scope for a single user ?
Dave Syer
Apr 13 2017 17:47
Apr 13 2017 18:20
sorry, I am trying to use comma separated scope and getting error.
Got it .. never mind :) , my bad.