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Apr 2017
Casey Link
Apr 14 2017 09:40
I'm using spring batch with spring cloud task in spring boot and my spring batch jobs are being automagically executed when my task project runs
I even can pass CLI params that end up as Spring batch job params, which is great
however now I want to pass a job parameter that is calculated when the app boots. Where/how can I set this job param programatically?
In "normal" spring batch you would use, params), but in this new cloud-task & boot world, I never actually call the job launcher
Dave Syer
Apr 14 2017 09:49
Spring Boot executes the jobs on startup
You can switch that off and do it your own way
It's in the user guide
There's a flag I think, or a list of jobs to execute (which can be empty)
Spring Cloud Task just keeps track of what happened
Casey Link
Apr 14 2017 09:59
Thank you @dsyer . Could you point me to the spring batch class that actually executes jobs automatically on startup? I tried finding it by following down classes from the @EnableBatchProcessing annotation but can't find where it actually executes jobs
Casey Link
Apr 14 2017 10:21
great, thanks @dsyer !
Mike Dalrymple
Apr 14 2017 18:23

Are JavaDocs published for any of the Spring Cloud projects? I'm specifically looking for Eureka JavaDocs but the links I've found don't seem to go where I would expect:

Even more specifically, the Camden reference documentation for Using Eureka on AWS references a no-arg constructor that is no longer available.

Dave Syer
Apr 14 2017 19:54
We can fix the reference guide
PR always welcome of course
Javadocs have very little value to me, personally. But if there's a lot of pressure we can find a way to publish them.
I don't think we ever got round to doing it
Your IDE will render javadocs for you. That's what I prefer anyway.
So please look at the source code for the javadocs
Marcin Grzejszczak
Apr 14 2017 20:08
Jon Schneider
Apr 14 2017 20:09
@watchwithmike thanks for reporting the link problems, we’re correcting that