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Apr 2017
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 17:36
I am having a weird problem where when I send a request to a service through Zuul the request is getting routed to my Eureka server, not the destination service. Any clue why? I am on Camden.RELEASE
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 18:06
I believe I solved my own problem. It turns out that if eureka.instance.hostname or .non-secure-port are defined in an Eureka client then that interferes with routing.
When I commented out those values in everything but the Eureka server config YML then things started working
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 18:19
That was definitely harder than it had to be. I would love to help write the docs for that, whether my own blog post or a PR to the Spring Cloud docs. Can anyone point me to the best place to put such knowlege? StackOverflow Documentation?
What I did was set up a set of rest services with Zuul as the API Gateway, an OAuth2 server behind Zuul for granting tokens, and an Eureka server for discovery. I will be expanding it soon to have the cloud config server, hystrix, and more.
Dave Syer
Apr 15 2017 18:27
I'm sorry you had some difficulty. But I didn't understand it enough to recommend what to do next
StackOverflow documentation is not a good channel IMO. But there are others.
I doubt that anything to do with instance config "interferes with routing", or at least not if you do it right
But if you would care to create a minimal sample that shows the issue, we can decide what it is, and where it needs to be fixed or documented or whatever
(And screenshots of config files are really not very helpful, I'm afraid)
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 18:54
@dsyer I believe I can get something showing the problem worked up. Thanks for your response.
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 19:47
I was able to upgrade my application to Dalston.RELEASE just fine.
I'd like to try Spring Boot 2.0. What is the release of spring cloud that works best with Spring Boot 2.0? Also, is it a good time to go 2.0 on Spring Boot?
Kent Johnson
Apr 15 2017 19:52
After reading this I am inclined to think Dalston will be good for awhile.
if I have the apply plugin: 'org.springframework.boot' plugin in my build.gradle do I have a need for the apply plugin: 'io.spring.dependency-management' plugin or does the boot plugin automatically pull that in?