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Apr 2017
Javier Richard Cuicapuza Antonio
Apr 21 2017 16:15

Hi all :)
Please i have a issue
i need to to Load the Application Properties from Database
my.key.frecuencyJob1 = //value from DB
my.key.frecuencyJob2 = //value from DB
my.key.frecuencyJob3 = //value from DB
Is possible?

Apr 21 2017 23:42
@dsyer I am seeing stange behavior, here is scaneio ..I am setting up eureka in Cloud foundry and it is registering apps with port number which is not good in CF
exmple: and this url is fialing if I remove port 808 same url work on browser. I am suspecting this is problem with eureka.instance.metadataMap.instanceId= ${vcap.application.instance_id:${}:${spring.application.instance_id:${server.port}}}
is this right proeprties mapping ?