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May 2017
Casey Link
May 05 2017 07:11
When using spring cloud task with 2 data sources, boot up fails with " To use the default TaskConfigurer the context must contain no more than one DataSource,"
My task requires 2 data sources, is there a way to tell spring-cloud-task which data source to use to store its meta data?
Dave Syer
May 05 2017 07:27
The error message says you can't use the default task configurer
Kind of implies you can provide your own, doesn't it?
If it's not in the spring Cloud Task user guide I would open a ticket and ask for more docs (seems like a common requirement)
Casey Link
May 05 2017 07:28

It is indeed in the guide:

If your application utilizes more than one DataSource, you’ll need to configure the task repository with the appropriate DataSource. This customization can be done via an implementation of the TaskConfigurer.

"implementation of TaskConfigurer" sounds much more complex than I think the reality is:
    public TaskConfigurer taskConfigurer()
        return new DefaultTaskConfigurer(dataSource);
Hm, the issue is that TaskRepositoryInitializer doesn't run by default from the SimpleTaskConfiguration if there is > 1 data source. But there is no easy way to override/supply your own TaskRepositoryInitializer like there is for the TaskConfigurer
Casey Link
May 05 2017 07:36
Is the intention that you must replace SimpleTaskConfiguration entirely?
Dave Syer
May 05 2017 08:22
Don't know. You'd better ask Michael or Glenn when they come online.
Whitney Hunter
May 05 2017 15:38
Hi. I'm wondering if Spring Cloud AWS supports fifo SQS queues.
Andrew Fitzgerald
May 05 2017 17:37
Does anyone know if there’s a way to mark a health check as non-cascading? We’ve had some issues where the config server goes down, so the application level config-server health check goes down, which in turn marks the entire service down (might be more appropriate for a boot channel, but it’s preventing us from using health checks in service discovery)
I suppose the easiest way would be to just disable that check altogether