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May 2017
May 06 2017 16:48 UTC
is it possible to use Zuul with spring mvc (not boot) projects? I see zuul has dependency of spring cloud
May 06 2017 19:30 UTC
Zuul core doesn't depend on spring cloud
May 06 2017 20:01 UTC
I am looking at the code and I see that zuul doesn't seem to run post filters asynchronously. Is that true or have I missed something?
Dave Syer
May 06 2017 21:10 UTC
Not sure how that would make sense.
But please elaborate if you have an idea
(Mind you I'm just about to go to bed, so it's just to let it soak)
May 06 2017 21:15 UTC
Basic concept is that I would like to do logging of an application without impacting performance.