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May 2017
Charles Moulliard
May 18 2017 13:45 UTC
Good morning/Afternoon. Can somebody review my PRs please (from 83 to 87) ?
We should perhaps create a spring-cloud-kubernetes channel to discuss
Josh Fix
May 18 2017 17:55 UTC
@dsyer i see you committed a change 13 days ago in SimpleDiscoveryClient to return a local instance instead of null ( i'm using spring cloud dalston release and having an issue with spring cloud netflix hystrix stream. apparently the stream task tries to build some json using the local service object (which is null) and starts filling up logs with NPEs. can you tell me if there is there a workaround for this?
Dave Syer
May 18 2017 20:34 UTC
Isn't that the problem I fixed?
Karthik Mahadeva Iyer
May 18 2017 21:19 UTC
hey guys, if you are using vault as one of the backend repo for spring-cloud-config - It requires the clients to configure a vault token under and pass the same as a header to the spring-cloud-config-server. But this opens up the token to the world and leak the same.
what is the best practice to manage this ?
Josh Fix
May 18 2017 23:08 UTC
It's fixed in a snapshot and I was looking to avoid adding a snapshot dependency... Hoping you could tell me if there was some other kind of workaround. I ended up adding the cloud commons snapshot as a dependency but that's obviously not optimal.