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May 2017
Daniel Imber
May 29 2017 13:42
Hi, Docker has a concept of "secrets" where containers have files added into directory "/run/secrets". I'd like to make the contents of one of these files be the source of my spring cloud config AES key - i.e. "encrypt.key" property in "bootstrap.yml. I'm wondering what's the best way to achieve this? Any advice much appreciated.
Dave Syer
May 29 2017 13:46
spring.config.location=/run/secrets ?
Or, I guess, bootstrap.config.location
Fabian Wallwitz
May 29 2017 13:50
hi there a java spring cloud set of example applications with makes use of pcf spring cloud services..i really try to understand the relevance of needed dependencies to get the app connected with my postgresql, spring cloud config and its bus (redis), rabbitmq, spring cloud services in pcf general (eureka,..)
i have alegacy app whcih used own distriburted set of spring cloud netflix infra services .. now we swicth to pcf and want to get rid of them using spring cloud services
spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-web, spring-cloud-cloudfoundry-connector, spring-cloud-spring-service-connector, spring-cloud-services-spring-connector, spring-cloud-starter-bus-amqp,) ... what do i need ?? .. is there a starter to get them all?
Daniel Imber
May 29 2017 14:03
Thanks Dave - I'll give it a go
Dmitriy Zakomirnyi
May 29 2017 15:04
hi all
Is it possible to specify bootstrap options in application.yml but not in bootstrap.yml? For example, to fetch configs from zookeeper.