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Jun 2017
Andrew Fitzgerald
Jun 07 2017 01:25 UTC

(xposting from pcf slack)

So apparently spinnaker hit 1.0 today:

Also, it appears that spring-cloud-spinnaker is not currently active

Anyone know if there's a decent way to use spinnaker to deploy to PCF nowadays?
Or are all the cool kids just using concourse?

Jun 07 2017 09:36 UTC
hi, I want to make sure that every service which registers with my eureka server has a different name, how can I achieve this ? is there any way to capture the eureka registration request ?
Dieter Hubau
Jun 07 2017 14:36 UTC
hello, if I want to use a microservice which would relay messages, how could I do this with Spring Webflux?
I currently have a microservice with a controller signature like this:
@PostMapping(consumes = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
    public Mono<ResponseEntity<WishResult>> relayWish(Wish wish) {
        return this.remoteResource
            .map(orderResult -> orderResult.getBody() == OrderResult.ORDERED ?
                ResponseEntity.ok(WishResult.GRANTED) :
and this works perfectly as a “middleman microservice”, it sends back the response to the calling microservice, where I have a signature like this:
@PostMapping(path = "/", produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
    Mono<ResponseEntity<WishResult>> postOrder(@RequestBody Wish wish);
but on the calling microservice, when it received the response from the middleman microservice, it gives this error: Can not construct instance of reactor.core.publisher.Mono
it seems the Jackson databinder cant bind the response to a new Mono
Dieter Hubau
Jun 07 2017 14:48 UTC
nvm, I just read that Hystrix/Feign functionality is not really working together yet with the Spring Webflux project? Or is this only for the new WebClient?
Dave Syer
Jun 07 2017 15:17 UTC
Hystrix is not well suited to webflux. It does have some RX support, but only via thread pools (no non-blocking)
and the @HystrixCommand (javanica) feature doesn't really even have that