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Jul 2017
Marcelo Balloni
Jul 21 2017 13:45
Guys, I don't know if that's the proper place to ask, but I've heard that Ribbon was going to be deprecated and its support dropped from future versions of spring cloud netflix. Do you know where can I find any information about it? Is is true? (or half true)
James Howe
Jul 21 2017 13:50
David Steiman
Jul 21 2017 15:42
hey guys. I am using zuuls options to proxy a certain url to a PHP legacy backend, built with symfony. This works pretty well, until I am doing parallel XHRs. In this case, one of the requests may fail with 500, but no exception or something. Just 500 with empty response body
does anyone know this behaviour?
Jul 21 2017 18:06
Hello there. I am pretty sure my question is not new, but I can't find proper answer. Is there any other authentication support for Spring Cloud Config besides Base Auth? Somethig like JWT? Is my only option BYO solution? Thanks in advance.
Dave Syer
Jul 21 2017 18:59
In cloud foundry they use OAuth/JWT.
It's just spring and spring Security. So we don't provide anything out of the box, but it's easy to implement your own.
Jul 21 2017 19:11
Thanks, Dave. Spring Cloud is such convenient, so I expected some JWT solution out-of-the-box. But you are correct, it's not hard to code it. Just don't like idea touching every micro service with config-client enabled.
Dave Syer
Jul 21 2017 19:23
But "touching" just means "make sure they add a dependency". It's not hard.
Jul 21 2017 19:49
Ugh, I feel like I don't get it now. Each micro service already has spring-cloud-starter-config dependency. But also it needs to have custom logic for following: access endpoint with username/password, receive token, send request along with token for getting config values. Do you propose to move this logic into library? Could you please elaborate?
Spencer Gibb
Jul 21 2017 19:50
I'd think it would be your own library+autoconfig
Jul 21 2017 19:51
okay, that makes sense. thanks!