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Jul 2017
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 24 2017 05:46
what is the best way to deal with multiple environments like QA, staging, dev etc for microservices. It seems to me each microservice will have these multiple environments. Configurations are fine with config server but how do external services access the various environments? When we use registry there is only one <appName>//url
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 24 2017 07:41
i have to delve deeper but seems we could register routes by "profile" same as config-server such that eureka returns the right instance for the profile. currently it returns by
James Howe
Jul 24 2017 10:07

Does anyone have any info?

Guys, I don't know if that's the proper place to ask, but I've heard that Ribbon was going to be deprecated and its support dropped from future versions of spring cloud netflix. Do you know where can I find any information about it? Is is true? (or half true)

Marcelo Balloni
Jul 24 2017 12:57
@abshkd You could use a service discovery per environment