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Jul 2017
Karthik Mahadeva Iyer
Jul 27 2017 01:42
Hello @dsyer - Is there any support for header propagation implicitly with RestTemplate and FeignClient like it has for oauth2 in likes of OAuth2RestTemplate and OAuth2FeignRequestInterceptor ? Can you please advise
Dave Syer
Jul 27 2017 05:39
There's the new gateway project
Nothing else I can think of in that category
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 27 2017 07:49
All examples I have seen use Spring cloud as the oAuth2 provider in microservices stack. Is there anyway to have a 3rd party oauth2 authorization server for e.g. if want to use JWT from Google or Facebook instead?
but still have my cake with a gateway
Dave Syer
Jul 27 2017 07:53
I don't think you are looking very hard for samples.
Unless I misunderstand the question
This one has Facebook and Github:
Someone posted instructions in a PR for Google I think
AFAIK Facebook doesn't use JWT
But if they do offer that option the config is going to be similar to any other JWT resource
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 27 2017 07:55
@dsyer I have seen those, but I am unable to figure out how to get the authorization to a microservice.
But thank you for always being around to reply. Much appreciate it. I will start standalone app to see how it can be done
i am using JWT to pass information to microservice and we have our own internal provider that does do JWT. It's blackbox to me
the JWT I currently use is from Spring Security with JWT
on the gateway itself
Dave Syer
Jul 27 2017 07:58
If you need to use JWT and Facebook authentication, you might need your own Auth Server.
I'm really not very clear on what the problem is yet
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 27 2017 08:00
Sorry, let me try to explain. Currently I can do Auth and JWT from within Spring itself so thats what I use on the gateway. But I am required to use another oAuth2 provider not my standalone one which is Spring Security
as such I will have to send authorization requests to this oauth2 provider service
then if they do provide JWT i can use it, if not I have to create one as you said
but you have pointed me in the right direction
Dave Syer
Jul 27 2017 08:02
There's a sample in that tutorial that uses Facebook authentication and generates its own token.
Maybe that's what you need
Abhishek Dujari
Jul 27 2017 08:05
Thanks @dsyer I am not sure where you are physically, but its impressive how you are around all the time :smile:
Tommy Ludwig
Jul 27 2017 08:10
Dr. Syer is omnipresent ;)