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Aug 2017
Abhishek Dujari
Aug 02 2017 03:40
Has anyone evaluated AWS lambda? I keep hearing it is the same as what we are doing with spring cloud so why not just use AWS lambda
Abhishek Dujari
Aug 02 2017 04:39
@dsyer What is your take on AWS lambda? Why would you recommend/not recommend it?
Spring cloud function decouples your function from the serverless provider
Abhishek Dujari
Aug 02 2017 04:52
that is a good resource. I hate vendor lock-in but its unavoidable in some cases. I believe Lambda is completely avoidable. I am not paying for threads
thanks for this @marcingrzejszczak but other than lock-in what are benefits to not using AWS lambda
Aug 02 2017 09:42
Abhishek Dujari
Aug 02 2017 13:05
what is the best approach to deploy microservices to AWS including registry and gateway. For e.g. we would need CI-CD as well. Heroku isn't working out as there is no VPC and running ELK stack is quite a pain
going to production with Spring cloud within the next 2 weeks
Aug 02 2017 19:17
Is it possible, in a spring-boot-cloud rest application, to configure 2 OAuth2RestTemplates where one sends requests with the user's token, and the other sends a request using the application's own token?
For example, I could have 3 services: auth-service, order-service, inventory-service. When a user makes a request to the order-service @/orders/{order_id} I'd like the order-service to contact the auth-service to get the user's USER_ID to confirm the user is allowed to view that order, thus sending the authenticated user's token to the auth-service. After the user is confirmed, however, I'd like the order-service to send a request to the inventory-service using it's own token as a different client. If this is possible, then I'm just so lost in terms of configuring this correctly.
Dave Syer
Aug 02 2017 19:26
Configuring 2 of anything can be a challenge when you rely on autowire by type. But that's why we have @Qualifier. Read about that and try again.
Aug 02 2017 19:50
Do you think it would be more worth my time to re-arrange the flow of events so that multiple RestTemplates are not needed? Such as always using the user's token and never giving services their own client? Or even using JWTs so that contacting the user-service is not necessary?
Shane Witbeck
Aug 02 2017 20:14
I’m curious what folks are doing to connect failing health checks to something like PagerDuty? My services are using eureka for service discovery. In my search I’ve found and wondering if that project is endorsed by official spring folks?