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Aug 2017
Aug 07 2017 14:43 UTC

Hi! I want to use microservices with same type and different api's versions. So i stored version data of each service in metadataMap in eureka and wrote the implementation of ServerListFilter. That scheme works well for interservice communication, but i want to use different routings in zuul gateway for different versions of services, something like that:

      path: /test/v1/**
      service-id: test
      stripPrefix: true
      version: v1
      path: /test/v2/**
      service-id: test
      stripPrefix: true
      version: v2

But i can't do that by ZuulFilter cause i need balancing(e.g. simple RoundRobin) and can't use ServerListFilter as Gateway should have possibility to route request on different version, not only one. Could anybody give me advice about multiversion microservice system base on spring-cloud?