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Aug 2017
Aug 31 2017 08:09
Hi guys, a few days ago, I have import sleuth into our project, and I found the spring-cloud-stream has two different versions, which actually 1.0.4.RELEASE and 1.1.0.RELEASE. In fact, we just import Camden.RELEASE of spring-cloud-starter-parent, which will import spring-boot too. It could be something suspicious. Is this the defect of maven? And does gradle will be the dependency management choice in future?
Dave Syer
Aug 31 2017 10:00
We don't recommend using spring-cloud-starter-parent if you want to control dependency versions.
It sounds like your dependency management is in a bit of a mess.
The best way to get a template pom.xml/build.gradle is from
Aug 31 2017 10:10
@dsyer Ok, I'll try that.
Dave Syer
Aug 31 2017 10:13
The quickstart here is another source (the same information should be there, but is usually more accurate):
Grzegorz Poznachowski
Aug 31 2017 12:07
Which project I should raise ticket against? spring-cloud-release ? I decided to put it there: spring-cloud/spring-cloud-release#84
Marcin Grzejszczak
Aug 31 2017 13:12
@poznachowski siemano ;) it should be fixed. I commented on the issue 30 mintues ago - spring-cloud/spring-cloud-release#84
Aug 31 2017 19:28

I had a question regarding the configuration metadata for the Spring Cloud AWS project -
I need to configure the region using us-east-1:

  • when it is present, application works fine
  • when it is not present, the application fails to run: There is not EC2 meta data available, because the application is not running in the EC2 environment. Region detection is only possible if the application is running on a EC2 instance

This works as expected, however when viewing in my application.yml, there is no configuration metadata for this property. Any advice on what I could do to obtain this metadata?

Aug 31 2017 19:54
Spring Cloud Gateway - does route's uri work also with service names (which come from service discovery, like Eureka)?