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Sep 2017
Sep 27 2017 09:41
hey guys, i want to know how to set timeout on zuul proxy, since i have a rest call that take times and zuul send an error timeout
Sep 27 2017 09:51
i got this error:
  "timestamp": 1506504961927,
  "status": 500,
  "error": "Internal Server Error",
  "exception": "",
  "message": "TIMEOUT"
Sep 27 2017 10:19
hystrix timeout?
Sep 27 2017 10:39
i found the solution , i diseabled the hystrix timeout @lishitiancn thx
Sep 27 2017 17:08
I'm attempting to access an external api on ssl using Feign, but keep getting "message": "cannot retry due to redirection, in streaming mode executing GET... This is likely the domain performing a redirect, but is there any way to make feign work with the api?
Spencer Gibb
Sep 27 2017 18:14
@xCJPECKOVERx that has more to do with the underlying http client than feign (follow redirects).