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Sep 2017
Sep 28 2017 08:10
@dsyer I am trying to run a curl command through apigateway for HEAD method and getting 502 bad gateways error . < HTTP/1.1 502 Bad Gateway
< Content-Length: 0
< Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8
< Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 08:09:10 GMT
< X-Application-Context: Activation-api-gateway:prod,g1,cloud:0
< X-Cf-Routererror: endpoint_failure
when I directly hit service it returns 200 OK.
and even from zuul If I change it to GET it works fine..
Sep 28 2017 13:12
hi, is there a way to use @FeignClient with more than one method in conjunction with Hystrix Fallback support?
David Steiman
Sep 28 2017 14:16

hey guys,

I want to override FormBodyWrapperFilter in zuul.

If I just declare the bean, nothing happens, it even doesn't get registered.
If I declare my bean with a different name, the filter runs twice, what destroys the form body
If i do zuul.FormBodyWrapperFilter.pre.disabled=true no of the filters work

David Steiman
Sep 28 2017 14:21
ok, got the answer
I was using the same class. I had to inherit the class to a different name, and now it works
William S Johnstone III
Sep 28 2017 16:10
I've set up a few spring boot micro-services, and I´m playing around with spring-cloud-stream with the kafka binding for inner-service comm. The pub-sub with kafka works great, but in some cases a request-response is needed. Can sc-stream be used in this way? Do people normally connect services with something like rest as well? I was hoping to have kafka broker all comm between services if that is possible. Thanks for any opinions/options .
Mike Liu
Sep 28 2017 20:39
hi, is it possible to set up cloud-config-server using a git repo, such that, if the git host dies, it can use the local repository as a backup instead of failing completely? i couldnt' find an example of that if it's already implemented.