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Sep 2017
Sep 29 2017 07:07
Good morning. I was wundering if anybody had problems using eureka in the cloud (aws) using dockers.
The first issue with the dockers + eureka i was able to solve by providing a filled bean EurekaInstanceConfigBean but because the eureka server takes a EIP and then changes the ip address from the ec2, i think it gets stuck on the fact that the instanceconfig is out of date with the server. This then causes also the eureka to not see it self because of the host/ip difference
Sep 29 2017 15:10
Would anyone be able to please tell me if there is a way to handle binary/text file values in Hashicorp Vault using Spring Cloud Vault client? Unfortunately, the Spring Cloud Vault documentation doesn't get into non-String value details.
Dave Syer
Sep 29 2017 21:23


uch that, if the git host dies, it can use the local repository as a backup instead of failing completely?

isn't that the default behaviour?