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Oct 2017
borgato tommaso
Oct 05 2017 06:19
@dsyer I set in
Dave Syer
Oct 05 2017 07:41
Works for me
Dave Syer
Oct 05 2017 07:48
Actually, it only works with
You can open a ticket to fix that if you want
Or send a PR.
Oct 05 2017 08:02
Hi All. Could someone please guide me on creating offline/PDF documentation for the Spring Cloud project?
Something along the lines of for the main framework project.
borgato tommaso
Oct 05 2017 08:04
@dsyer Thank you!
Dave Syer
Oct 05 2017 08:15
@shikharraje the Spring Framework no longer publishes PDF guides. It's up to you to convert the HTML to PDF. Most browsers can do it pretty reliably.
Or use an ereader or something.
Oct 05 2017 08:16
@dsyer Thank you for your response!
@dsyer Fascinating. Just the normal "Ctrl + P" and "Save as PDF" in Chrome worked fine! It didn't render the table of contents on the left of every page, as I thought it would.
Oct 05 2017 19:22

Hi guys! I have conceptual problem - maybe you would be able to help.

I have a set of micro-services (using spring-cloud stack) which are connected together by Spring Eureka.
As these micro-services communicates to each other and may exist on different servers I would like to make communication between them safe (so HTTPS)

But it is unclear for me what I need to do...

  1. Should I update the Eureka to force it to work with HTTPS like in documentation paragraph: "Registering a Secure Application"?

  2. Should Servers be opened for traffic from other servers - like Service A wants to send sth to Service B (which is on different machine) so it gets the ip/port from eureka and calls directly the Service B?

  3. Should I force each micro-service independently in configuration to work with HTTPS additionaly?

Is anybody able to point out a list of steps which needs to be done to set up it correctly?

Thank you in advance!