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Oct 2017
Oct 07 2017 07:17
One of my responses is a breadcrums string
home > settings > preferences
The > gets converted to >
Is there a way to add special characters in the expected response?
Marcin Grzejszczak
Oct 07 2017 07:27
Tim Ysewyn
Oct 07 2017 09:29
@spencergibb wouldn't it be easier to use LoadBalancerClient.reconstructURI instead of building the URI yourself in (couldn’t find a spring-cloud-gateway room, so posting the question here)
I’m checking 2.0.0.M2 btw
Tim Ysewyn
Oct 07 2017 09:39
it also shouldn’t be the concern of the gateway to set the scheme to ws or wss, this should be done in the LoadBalancerClient imo
this way you can also support inter-(micro)service communication over websockets out of the box