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Oct 2017
Sushant Borse
Oct 09 2017 13:08
hi, I need to add an integration test for below error , any idea?
Error: eureka heartbeat FAILED, Re-registering app
registered with eureka: GATEWAYSUPPORT/nodegateway
Spencer Gibb
Oct 09 2017 19:33
@TYsewyn no gateway room.
good point on contstructing uri
Spencer Gibb
Oct 09 2017 19:54
can you file an issue @TYsewyn? It doesn't work as expected.
Tim Ysewyn
Oct 09 2017 19:56
I’ll do that first thing in the morning! Let me know if I can be of any help. Just an issue for the reconstruction of the URI using the LoadBalancerClient?
Spencer Gibb
Oct 09 2017 21:50
Abdulmuqueet Mohammed
Oct 09 2017 23:32
Hi Spencer , yeah