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Oct 2017
Lingchao Xin
Oct 11 2017 08:14
Will spring boot 1.5.x upgrade cglib to 3.2.5 to support java 9 ?
I just saw 1.5.x branch upgraded aspectj to 1.8.11 version
Tim Ysewyn
Oct 11 2017 09:29
@douglarek I think you will have a faster response when you post this in
George Sofianos
Oct 11 2017 12:55

Hi, can someone help me with an error message? I get the error in the first line and then the following lines. I'm using a @Loadbalanced RestTemplate to make the requests. I've verified the loadbalanced resttemplate is being used in the debugger. I'm assuming there are different Ribbon clients for eureka client and for my resttemplate, but I'm not sure how to fix this

George Sofianos
Oct 11 2017 13:29
never mind I got it fixed :) I had to change the instance hostname to localhost, I had it same with service id