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Oct 2017
Jagmohan Sharma
Oct 13 2017 10:17
I am facing issue with hystrix turbine dashboard as The request rates shown at the aggregated circuit level do not match the threadpool request rates.These should be the same or very close. Please let me know if this not expected behaviour?
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.46.03 PM.png
Jagmohan Sharma
Oct 13 2017 10:22
As shown in above screenshot- request rate at aggregated circuit level is not matching with request rate at thread pool level. As cluster rate at circuit level is 135/s and thread pool level is 1622.1/
Andre Dörnbrack
Oct 13 2017 11:54
@JagmohanSharma We are facing the same issue. I think, it's because not all instances of the services are reporting at the same moment.
Oct 13 2017 15:32
How to override consul values in sprintBootTest?
Abdulmuqueet Mohammed
Oct 13 2017 19:07
Hi Folks I am comparing two distrubuted key value stores . I am trying to come up with testing strategy. I am sorry if I am off the topic. I feel folks here deal with issues more frequently, so my best bet
3 Node set up in cluster with 1 million writes and 100 threads doing reads requests
Jagmohan Sharma
Oct 13 2017 19:45
@doernbrackandre found this issue. Looks like its an existing bug. But not sure if somebody is working on this or not?
Can someone from spring cloud team help or guide me here regarding this issue?
Ryan Baxter
Oct 13 2017 19:49
I dont think anyone is working on it at the moment