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Oct 2017
Victor Petit
Oct 19 2017 08:21
@Ziemowit better chance for help at spring-sleuth chanel
Oct 19 2017 08:25
Yeah I have been talking with Marcin Grzejszczak already but he did not meet with such a problem. My problem occurs only in combination with zuul. Because of that I have asked here. Was just curious that maybe someone had similar problem. But seems that not. I need to find it then myself ;]
Marcin Grzejszczak
Oct 19 2017 08:26
like i told you I remember sth similar but it got fixed
but maybe apparently not
@Ziemowit can you confirm that this ^^ is still a problem by looking at the same pieces of code?
if that's the case please comment there and I'll try to do sth about this
Oct 19 2017 08:30
Hmmm we have Apache there and AJP protocols and HTTPS instead of HTTP, etc. Many possible places to make mistake in configurations.
If we reach the moment that for 90% we will be sure that it is a bug we will raise the issue then.
Thank you for your help guys!
Marcin Grzejszczak
Oct 19 2017 08:30
Amin Abu-Taleb
Oct 19 2017 13:15

Hi, I'm trying to access the sensitive endpoints like /trace but it says 401 Unauthorized, I tried adding

# Spring
      name: user
      password: password

but nothing changes, still getting that, even using basic auth or `curl -u user:password localhost:8080/trace'

any ideas, not having to disable the management security?
Dave Syer
Oct 19 2017 15:51
That's not a cloud question really
What version of Spring Boot are you using?
Thiago Santos Joaquim
Oct 19 2017 20:37
Hi guys!!! Everyone ok? Sorry any mistake in my english... So, does anyone know how I can expose a random port on docker to Eureka?
Oct 19 2017 21:21
hi, i posted a question in springboot : spring-projects/spring-boot#10696
and they pointed me here, can you take a look?