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Oct 2017
Abhishek Dujari
Oct 20 2017 03:12
is there a way to block IP addresses with Zuul on the gateway? It would be ideal if there was a RefreshScope attached to such ACL. I am just wondering if something like this already exists?
Abhishek Dujari
Oct 20 2017 09:26
i am really not able to get spring cloud with eureka to work on AWS
i am trying to use Route53 and eureka logs that it is querying route53 for the txt records
then its gets angry about somehting
and blows up
Abhishek Dujari
Oct 20 2017 09:54
i am using IAM role to get eureka to assign itself the EIP, but the logs suugest that eureka is looking for AWSCredentials.class
anyone has a complete documentation that is for Spring Eureka server-client config?
Abhishek Dujari
Oct 20 2017 11:07
i have tried everything i could think of with serviceURL of EIP and with ROute53
in both cases I dont see Eureka assigning itself the EIP
Amin Abu-Taleb
Oct 20 2017 11:51
Hi again, this is more like a conceptual question, int terms of monitoring the activity in Zuul and the requests, we have a cron process that scrapes the content from /traces (only accessible the internal network) and dumps that info in grafana without payloads, just url called, ips, etc so we can see behaviour.
Is there any better way of doing that? maybe sending that data directly from Zuul instead of scraping? Is there any tool for this?
Dave Syer
Oct 20 2017 12:04
You can provide your own TraceRepository
Or scrape the TraceRepository from inside the app instead of through the endpoint.
@orenw1 you didn't post a sample anywhere?
Oct 20 2017 16:58
How can I change the config profile real time and refresh for apps using a code ?