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Oct 2017
Jagmohan Sharma
Oct 24 2017 05:36
@all I have a query regarding insight tools netflix is using after hystrix-dashboard for operational visibility Have they open sourced these ? I did not get much information about this from internet. If somebody has more insight about this please let me know and share.
Erdem Günay
Oct 24 2017 12:02
Hi all, what is the current stable latest version of spring-cloud?
Simen Skoglund
Oct 24 2017 13:12
Anyone familiar with spring-cloud-vault that has encountered a problem with not specifying a keystore when running vault over http? keeps failing with the error-message that cannot be binded. I have specified in my that scheme should be http.
Mark Paluch
Oct 24 2017 15:01
@skogie You're using Spring Cloud Vault 2.0 with Spring Boot 2.0?
We had an issue in Boot (spring-projects/spring-boot#10131) which was solved two weeks ago.
Jagmohan Sharma
Oct 24 2017 16:58
Hi @spencergibb, Please review pull request spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#2388 which contains fix for TPS issue in hystrix-dashboard for hystrixThreadPool.
Patrick Cornelißen
Oct 24 2017 18:37
has someone sucessfully used the hystrix dashboard behind a zuul proxy where it’s mapped to a certain path? I had lot’s of „fun“ with having to map lots of paths because the hystrix dashboard seems to think it’s used as the one and only webapp on that port :-/
While I’m at it, a friend of mine said that he has read that netflix more or less abandons ribbon and does something different. Have you heard something similar as well? If this is the case, is there a strategy for spring cloud to use something different?
Spencer Gibb
Oct 24 2017 19:02
They are pretty clear on how they use ribbon
Patrick Cornelißen
Oct 24 2017 20:34
So do you expect an impact on the spring cloud netflix modules? If there is only maintenance for the time being (and it looks like it will stay this way), it seems like a better approach for projects to avoid the netlix tech stack in that case or am I over-estimating the impact here?