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Oct 2017
Andrew Fitzgerald
Oct 31 2017 02:33
skipper looks neat… I’ve been playing around with the local version a bit, is there a way to do a blue green that has a consitent port? If not it sounds like a cool possibility for a gateway integration
Dave Syer
Oct 31 2017 08:03
@Fitzoh the 3 Minute Tour in the user guide has a cloud foundry example where the blue and green are deployed to the same route (I think).
Sushant Borse
Oct 31 2017 08:52
@dsyer we found this under the logs, can you please take a look. To me it looks like the response return for the heartbeat - PUT request contains a json data which is being deserialized to an InstanceInfo object.
can you please check the latest comment from this issue : Netflix/eureka#1006 ?
Oct 31 2017 09:14


We have switched to HTTPS and now from time to time our ZUUL is unable to forward the request. We get: Forwarding error
Caused by: null
Caused by: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to [] failed: Read timed out
Caused by: Read timed out

Had anyone similar issue before?
It is weird. Looks like ZUUL is unable to connect to server. But only sometimes.
We use release -> Dalston 4

Oct 31 2017 09:40
Hmmm I have changed the client to OkHttp. Will check if it is not the internal problem of Apache Http.
Simen Skoglund
Oct 31 2017 13:33

@mp911de when using EC2 auth in spring-cloud-vault i get the following error org.springframework.vault.VaultException: Cannot login using AWS-EC2: missing client token. I have set up the aws authentication according to and i get the correct expect output of the json returned in the last call. In the bootstrap.yml i have

    host: vault-ip
    port: 8200
    scheme: http
    authentication: AWS_EC2
        role: <role used setting up auth>
        aws-ec2-path: aws-ec2
        nonce: <nonce returned by json>

Is there something i'm missing here? I was under the impression that im not supposed to use a client token?

Mark Paluch
Oct 31 2017 14:08
@skogie AWS-EC2 does not require a token. Can you share the full stack trace and version of Spring Cloud Vault/Spring Vault and file a ticket at Smells like a bug in either Spring Vault/Spring Cloud Vault.
Simen Skoglund
Oct 31 2017 14:09
@mp911de sure no problem, will do it asap
Simen Skoglund
Oct 31 2017 14:23
@mp911de do you only want the stacktrace? Or the entire log from startup?
Mark Paluch
Oct 31 2017 14:33
The more details the better
Simen Skoglund
Oct 31 2017 14:35
@mp911de spring-cloud/spring-cloud-vault#177 can also update with debug logging if its not enough
Oct 31 2017 17:34
Hey guys, I was just reading the post about Spring Cloud Edgware.RC1 Released and was just wondering why some of the starters got renamed. Seems it was mostly the Netflix stack following the renaming. Was this for better maintenance, better dependency tracking or some other reason? Really just curious.
Spencer Gibb
Oct 31 2017 17:35
All of our other starters follow spring-cloud-<techstack>-<name>, these didn't
Oct 31 2017 17:38
ah now that makes way more sense, thanks @spencergibb