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Nov 2017
Yogendra Mishra
Nov 04 2017 09:56
Need help :- I am getting Method has too many Body parameters: for feign client :(
String uploadDocument(@RequestPart("param") UploadDocumentParam param, @RequestPart("file") MultipartFile multiPart)
does feign client supports two @RequestPart ?
I am using :- feign-core-9.5.0.jar
Dieter Hubau
Nov 04 2017 16:06
(moved my question to spring-cloud-stream)
Charles (Ted) Wise
Nov 04 2017 19:46
Ok, I narrowed down my problem with bootstrap.yml not being read. It appears to be a Kotlin issue. If I use an identical gradle file but a Java application class the bootstrap.yml file is read. Has anyone else seen this with Kotlin Spring Boot apps?