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Nov 2017
Andreas Falk
Nov 13 2017 17:47
Hi all, I am currently testing spring cloud function. As I have to implement a function on Azure Functions very soon. Currently there are adapters only for AWS and OpenWhisk available. My question here is, does anybody know if an adapter for Azure Functions is in the pipeline as well ?
Dave Syer
Nov 13 2017 20:39
Contributions are more than welcome. No-one has looked at it yet (the java support is quite new).
Probably not much work to get the basics working
Andreas Falk
Nov 13 2017 22:15
Yes, the java support for azure function is really quite new and still in preview state. I can have a look into this, just wanted to be sure that nobody else is already doing the same.
Andreas Falk
Nov 13 2017 22:24
By the way, when is a first release of cloud functions scheduled, will it be part of spring cloud finchley release?