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Dec 2017
Avinash K
Dec 16 2017 15:46
hey, I see eureka service being de-registered after lease expiry even though the app is running fine, are there any params I need to update to avoid this?
Aleksey Mogilin
Dec 16 2017 19:05
Hi everyone. I want to test my microservices on spring-clound in isolatino environment. I would like just use ./gradlew clean build , or start tests from Intellij Idea. I don't want to start spring-configuration, eureka and other microservices that I need.
If we talking abount "other microservices that I need" i can write mock for it using jetty-stub service or wiremock and i can run embedded database if i need it.
If we talking about spring-configuration and eureka, i don't know how to do with it.
Can someone explain, how to test microservice in isolatino environment with spring-configuration and eureka, without starting standalone services ?
Best practices, tutorial, examples about it ?