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Dec 2017
Sushant Borse
Dec 19 2017 16:33
hi everyone, this question is regarding hystrix . SO I've an api-gateway and suppose 2 services(A and B) are connected to it. A contacts B and the call is going through api-gateway . I've enabled circuit breaker at api-gateway level. so Is it possible that if service B goes down service A will get some fallback response instead of 500/timeouts ? or service A has to enable circuitbreaker at its level ?
Ryan Baxter
Dec 19 2017 17:47
@sushant91265_twitter please dont spam us. I have responded to your question already.
Israel Fernández
Dec 19 2017 22:22
I’m using Spring Data Flow version 1.2.1.RELEASE and need to create a task that authenticates with Vault and need to pass it APP_ROLE & SECRET, I’m looking on the exhaustive list of properties where I can fit some properties for the JVM. I noticed that before executing the task I can provide additional arguments and properties but I’d like to do that as part of the task’s definition. Any hint?