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Dec 2017
Dave Syer
Dec 22 2017 08:33
In the tutorial the server.port=8888 for the config server. If you use 8080 then it will clash with the client app, won't it?
Also that properties file goes in src/main/resources right?
Dec 22 2017 10:10
How to resolve this problem ?"Connection leak detection triggered for oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection"
always throw this exception, and the function works well
I use spring cloud , oracle, hikari
Oana Patrascu
Dec 22 2017 17:26
@dsyer even after changing the port it did not work, and yes the properties are in the resources under configuration-service
Dave Syer
Dec 22 2017 18:23
Well, if you just run the code from github, does that work (it does for me)?
Hard to say what you did wrong without more information