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Jan 2018
Mauro Monti
Jan 06 2018 17:07

Hi guys, I have a quick question about Spring Cloud Consul:
Having a property defined in consul as follow:

        active: test

and having in my application 2 properties file:

my-property: value

my-property: value-test

How can I do to use spring cloud consul to resolve the active profiles from consul in order to override the properties in my application.yml?
What I am expecting is to have my application with my-property with the value: "value-test"
Is that even possible?

Jan 06 2018 20:59
Hi guys, I have a question on registering Spring Batch app(jar) to SCDF as task in linux
I had deployed springbatch jar to a linux environment and now i needed it to be registered in SCDF. I usully do using file path in windows
and now in linux am getting file path as /folder/filename. I
Please help me with the solution,on how we can register our Spring batch jar using file path in linux to SCDF