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Jan 2018
Jagmohan Sharma
Jan 10 2018 05:37
yes isRefreshScopeEnabled() is giving false as there is no refresh scope registered at the moment PropertyBasedDynamicBeanDefinitionRegistrar is getting executed.
Jagmohan Sharma
Jan 10 2018 07:25
What I could check here: PostProcessorRegistrationDelegate 's invokeBeanFactoryPostProcessors() method where we are invoking all registered BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor in order. And we register refreshScope using GenericScopewhich is a 'BeanFactoryPostProcessor'
and gets call as callback of all processors handled which means we are not going to get refresh scope registered in 'PropertyBasedDynamicBeanDefinitionRegistrar'.
Dave Syer
Jan 10 2018 08:23
Maybe you could check for the existence of the refresh scope bean?