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Jan 2018
Roel Rymenants
Jan 18 2018 09:41
Hi everyone. We're trying out an upgrade to Finchley.M5 in our existing codebase. We are very confused about the state of oauth2 in that milestone. I would be very grateful if someone could give an update about what is supposed to work and what isn't...
Dave Syer
Jan 18 2018 09:47
Spring Boot 2.0 dropped the spring-security-oauth2 features
You can still use them with a shim
It's not directly anything to do with Spring Cloud or Finchley
But if you are using spring-cloud-security, the shim is provided as a dependency, I think (in the oauth2 starter)
Roel Rymenants
Jan 18 2018 10:02
seems we've been mixing in spring-security-oauth2-client for some reason. we'll start over :smile: thx!
Jan 18 2018 18:59
Any help on this issue : Error adding metrics to queue
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue full
Service starts normally and start throwing the error