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Jan 2018
Samkit Shah
Jan 24 2018 00:32 UTC
@dsyer , thanks for fixing the quick start pom!
Dave Syer
Jan 24 2018 09:05 UTC
@mbenson not sure what you mean. Do you have an example project?
Isn't a dependency, just an @Autowired? Normally we do that by type.
Dave Syer
Jan 24 2018 09:22 UTC
@snowe2010 I'm surprised you had to do anything beyond adding the k8s starter. I guess you might have broken something by messing with the dependencies. Hard to say without a sample.
Tyler Thrailkill
Jan 24 2018 14:55 UTC
@dsyer Just adding the starter doesn't work by default for me. I get errors about okhttp3. I'll try to get a sample project going today.
Matt Benson
Jan 24 2018 15:09 UTC
@dsyer thanks for the response. Here I was working with a third-party application (CAS 5.2.x) which provided a @RequestScoped bean whose actual bean provider method called a method on the bean before returning it. The called initialization method modifies the state of an object shared with my own @RequestScoped bean, so depending on the bean just ensures that the proxy is initialized. In this case their bean is @ConditionalOnMissingBean so I have resorted to replacing their bean altogether here.
Matt Benson
Jan 24 2018 17:33 UTC
actually it seems for some reason like it may also help to actually inject the bean to my bean producer method