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Jan 2018
Joris Kuipers
Jan 31 2018 21:53

Quick question on the latest Zuul support and configuring the HTTP client. states:
"If Zuul is using service discovery then you need to configure these timeouts via Ribbon properties, ribbon.ReadTimeout and ribbon.SocketTimeout."
However, states:
"The default HTTP client used by zuul is now backed by the Apache HTTP Client instead of the deprecated Ribbon RestClient.[...] If you would like to customize the Apache HTTP client or the OK HTTP client provide a bean of type ClosableHttpClient or OkHttpClient."

So, I'm assuming the former is outdated documentation and I should simply be providing my own ClosableHttpClient bean to configure connection- and socket-timeouts. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? If so, I'll open an issue to have to docs patched

Spencer Gibb
Jan 31 2018 21:56
I think both are true. We use the old properties and set appropriate values in the apache client. You can also provide your own
Joris Kuipers
Jan 31 2018 22:03
AH, OK: thanks for the quick reply!