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Feb 2018
Alexander Balyshyn
Feb 07 2018 16:36
Hi guys, how to secure connction from discovery-clients to eureka-server with Spring Boot 2 and clound - Finchley.BUILD-SNAPSHOT? In boot 1.5 and cloud Edgware.SR4 it implements with configuration keys
    enabled: true
    name: = eureka-client
    password: EuReKaPasSs
Dave Syer
Feb 07 2018 16:59
I don't think anything changed in Eureka or Spring Cloud.
Your user name looks a bit odd there
(I'll assume it's a typo)
But Spring Boot doesn't have this "security.basic.enabled" flag any more
You have to add your own HTTP basic config
There's a migration guide in the Spring Boot wiki.
If it doesn't answer your questions, please open a ticket in Spring Boot tracker.
Tyler Van Gorder
Feb 07 2018 17:10
@ygokirmak You should look at spring-cloud-task and spring-cloud-data-flow. The data flow server provides an api for registering your spring cloud task applications and for launching/managing those jobs. We are going down a similar road with our scheduled workflows: we are separating the scheduling function from the "workers" and our plan is to have our scheduler application make calls into the data flow server to launch those scheduled task.
Feb 07 2018 19:59
Please have look at this