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Feb 2018
Ajay Koranne
Feb 23 2018 17:19

Hi all, have a question on Spring initializer.

I am trying to build an example following this article -

I am not able to find Local Data Flow Server. Has it been renamed?

Ajay Koranne
Feb 23 2018 17:54
Should I be posting to another channel?
Ajay Koranne
Feb 23 2018 18:29
Thank you @tkvangorder. I was looking at the article. Is Spring Initializer missing Spring Cloud Data Flow components? Just wanted to verify
I am working on building some custom apps. Would like to migrate them to Cloud Foundry eventually.
Dave Syer
Feb 23 2018 21:56
The Initializr no longer has dataflow dependencies in it
You are supposed to follow the guides for Data Flow
Generally that means download a server and run it
Not initializr
Ajay Koranne
Feb 23 2018 21:58
Thank you @dsyer!
I have downloaded the server. I was following various articles to learn on putting together the apps. Guess, I will have to learn. Maybe I can put together my own blog