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Mar 2018
Abhishek Dujari
Mar 23 2018 03:45
How difficult is it to use Zuul2 with existing starter-netflix-eureka
Mar 23 2018 06:18
Can we update the routes of api gateway (spring cloud gateway) dynamically using jdbc?
Mar 23 2018 08:24


i update spring-cloud-starter-openfeign 2.0.0.m2 version

but i not found spring-cloud-openfeign-core dependency

Dave Syer
Mar 23 2018 08:39
Did you try a snapshot?
I'm not really sure what the problem is.
Mar 23 2018 08:47
not try snapshot, only use spring cloud Finchley.M9
i'm try Finchley.BUILD-SNAPSHOT and test
Mar 23 2018 09:03
Finchley.BUILD-SNAPSHOT is ok
@dsyer i think spring-cloud-starter-openfeign some dependency is error
Mar 23 2018 09:08
version is spring-cloud-starter-openfeign is 2.0.0.m2
Dave Syer
Mar 23 2018 09:11
You mean 2.0.0.M2?
If snapshots work for you, I would just go with that
Seems like you might have a bad jar or something though
Clear your caches and try again might help
Mar 23 2018 09:17
i remove my local rep ~/.m2/repository/org/springframework/cloud/spring-cloud-starter-openfeign/ and retry, but some issue
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.7.0:compile (default-compile) on project hn-framework-autoconfigure: Compilation failure: Compilation failure:
[ERROR] /Users/dragon/Workspace/WorkSources/huinong/hnms-framework/hn-framework-autoconfigure/src/main/java/com/huinong/framework/autoconfigure/feign/[15,43] 程序包不存在
[ERROR] /Users/dragon/Workspace/WorkSources/huinong/hnms-framework/hn-framework-autoconfigure/src/main/java/com/huinong/framework/autoconfigure/feign/[23,22] 找不到符号
[ERROR]   符号: 类 FeignClientsConfiguration
[ERROR] /Users/dragon/Workspace/WorkSources/huinong/hnms-framework/hn-framework-autoconfigure/src/main/java/com/huinong/framework/autoconfigure/feign/[26,22] 找不到符号
[ERROR]   符号: 类 FeignClientsConfiguration
i think it looks not like cache or bad jar
Dave Syer
Mar 23 2018 09:27
That's the most likely explanation.
That class exists in the 2.0.0.M2 jar I just downloaded.
Mar 23 2018 09:41
i remove my mvn repository and mvn clean package -U also can not find class in spring cloud 2.0.0.m9 :worried:
and i use
Mar 23 2018 16:36
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