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Mar 2018
Mar 25 2018 10:31

I visited the endpoint "/filters" of Zuul Server , apart of result is:

"static":true means what?? @ryanjbaxter

Mar 25 2018 10:41
Hello, I have some problem with zookeeper spring cloud config.
Where I may find some examples of using zookeeper in spring cloud config?
How do I migration my yml files to zookeeper spring cloud config.
Mar 25 2018 11:02
By default ZuulFilters are static; they don't carry state. This may be overridden by overriding the isStaticFilter() property to false.
I wanna know what the difference between true and false. @ryanjbaxter
Abhishek Dujari
Mar 25 2018 20:30
i am getting these messages recently in my console spring-cloud-starter-eureka is deprecated as of Spring Cloud Netflix 1.4.0, please migrate to spring-cloud-starter-netflix-eureka I only have spring-cloud-starter-eureka with no specific version defined.
i cant seem to get this dependency included simply by swapping
Abhishek Dujari
Mar 25 2018 20:35
Abhishek Dujari
Mar 25 2018 20:42
i think i just need the eureka-client thats a new starter thing i see here
Mar 25 2018 22:39
Hello everyone I am using spring boot 2.0.0 with hystrix and hystrix dashboard ... but I get this error Unable to connect to Command Metric Stream.
Is actuator incompatible w ith spring boot 2 ? because with spring boot<2.0 everything woks
I really need some help this is my graduation project