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Mar 2018
Ryan Baxter
Mar 26 2018 11:37
@abshkd as the warning said you should migrate to spring-cloud-starter-netflix-eureka. spring-cloud-starter-eureka will be removed in Finchley
Abhishek Dujari
Mar 26 2018 11:37
yes i replaced ..starter-eureka with ..starter-netflix-eureka-client as I only use discoveryClient on the gateway
thank you
Ryan Baxter
Mar 26 2018 11:38
@marouaDrissi can you provide more details. Actuator is part of boot 2.0
Mar 26 2018 12:14
By default ZuulFilters are static; they don't carry state. This may be overridden by overriding the isStaticFilter() property to false.
I want to know what the difference between true and false. @ryanjbaxter @dsyer @Alykoff
Mar 26 2018 21:57
@ryanjbaxter I am trying to use this property to ensure my services first calls near down stream services in eureka , but it seems no effect.
is there anything else I need to configure ?
i have eureka peering..
between 2 DC