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Apr 2018
Apr 09 2018 07:46

Hi, I want to use spring cloud netflix zuul to proxy websocket requests to backend service, in this issue: Netflix/zuul#298, it's stated that Spring cloud will not integrate with zuul 2.x(which supports websocket but not released yet).

Though I want to know if there is any way to proxy websocket through zuul, or should I use Spring Cloud Gateway for websocket support? Thanks.

Andre Dörnbrack
Apr 09 2018 08:21
@sophiaso from what I know, integrating zuul2 into spring-cloud is not that easy so don't expect that this will be done soon. Maybe you should give spring-cloud-gateway a try
Apr 09 2018 08:34
@doernbrackandre Thank you
Apr 09 2018 08:42
hello, we use zuul as api gateway so we are looking for auth/authorization solution.We have multiple consumers.We want to give secret id/keys for each consumer.Is there any idea for that?
Andre Dörnbrack
Apr 09 2018 08:55
@sirvanci what about oauth2? :)
Ryan Baxter
Apr 09 2018 11:32
@marouaDrissi there is a separate spring-cloud-sleuth channel on Gitter
Apr 09 2018 11:42
@ryanjbaxter Thanks :)
Apr 09 2018 12:23
@doernbrackandre okey but our problem is multiple client security:
clientId: test-client
clientSecret: 6f3da9fc-70db-49f2-ad5a-a11a05301a8d
accessTokenUri: http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/hodor/protocol/openid-connect/token
userAuthorizationUri: http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/hodor/protocol/openid-connect/auth
authenticationScheme: header
clientAuthenticationScheme: head
we declared only a client. i want to declare test-client-2 in configuration yaml
Konstantin Bläsi
Apr 09 2018 13:31
anyone with spring on cloud foundry experience here? Our application needs to manage db schemas and the data in those schemas. Can cloud foundry inject credentials (maybe even mutliple users) providing said permissions ?
Jagmohan Sharma
Apr 09 2018 14:09
Hi Team,
Would it be useful to add timer around force refresh by Refresh endpoint? spring-cloud/spring-cloud-commons#352
Marcos Barbero
Apr 09 2018 14:46
@konstantinblaesi you can't have more than one db schema per db service
I also doubt that you can actually have multiple users once the service is totally managed by pcf, if you really need that use case you probably will need to use a db service external to pcf
@sirvanci in this case you will need to configure it differently where you have your clients stored somewhere else then in the application.yaml
Apr 09 2018 14:54
where i can store my clients ? like keycloak ? do you have any example to point that?
Marcos Barbero
Apr 09 2018 14:58
That's a way to go, however, maybe it's not really necessary.
Can you give me some more input in your use case @sirvanci ? Then I can try to give you my 2 cents on that subject
Apr 09 2018 19:21
Hi guys, I'am doing some tests with spring-kafka starter to consume a kafka topic and I would like to know how can I say to kafka consumer look for a zookeeper offset manager?