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Apr 2018
Apr 12 2018 05:01
All, does spring-cloud-sleuth use ThreadLocal or something else to transmit the trace id and span id?
Marcin Grzejszczak
Apr 12 2018 08:56
it uses ThreadLocal. Here you have a link to Sleuth gitter
Apr 12 2018 16:25
If I look at SidecarConfiguration.EurekaInstanceConfigBeanConfiguration (1.3.6.RELEASE) I see
config.setStatusPageUrl(scheme + "://" + config.getHostname() + ":" + this.managementPort + config.getStatusPageUrlPath());
When I'm configuring
contextPath =/admin
I'm expecting to have statusPageUrl = /admin/info and not the /info I see atm.
Why does the code respect the management port and doesn't the management contextPath?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 12 2018 16:33
@gbtec-ext-sergeyuzhakov it was overlooked
Apr 12 2018 16:48
So if I need /admin/info then I have to use my own bean or it's not a good idea at all to have smth different from /info for the sidecar?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 12 2018 16:56
set the property yourself? eureka.instance.status-page-url=...
Apr 12 2018 17:18
Yes. The idea is to have smth similar to 2.0 where we have /actuator/info
Spencer Gibb
Apr 12 2018 17:23
what do you use that url for can I ask?
Apr 12 2018 17:31
I use it for spring-boot-admin
Spencer Gibb
Apr 12 2018 17:43
what does spring-boot-admin do with it?
John D Giotta
Apr 12 2018 21:01
I'm still struggling with SSH support of Git in spring cloud config
I've tried to include the private SSH key in the yaml, no luck. I then tried to stick the private key into the container running the server, no luck. I also tried to include the private key as file in resources and use a custom identity location
No luck
I'm convinced it simply doesn't work
If anyone has a working example, I'd appreciate it