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Apr 2018
Apr 15 2018 11:30
I believe the newer key is service-url
Can you try that first @akoranne ?
Apr 15 2018 14:11
Probably a silly question but does FeignClient support reactive?
Ajay Koranne
Apr 15 2018 20:03

In my, I had eureka.client.serviceUrl.defaultZone seto to ${}. That didn't work.

Finally, I removed the "eureka.client.serviceUrl.defaultZone". It works locally, but on PCFDev and PWS, looks like the client auto discovers the registry, but gets a Connection Refused error.
I searched on the net for Spring Boot 2 security setting changes and couldn't find any information. Is there some specific security setting that is needed, on the client to connect to the registry? Or do I have to provide my creds in some fashion to connect to registry?

David J. M. Karlsen
Apr 15 2018 22:42
is there an ETA for the spring cloud 2.x releases? It’s the last missing piece to be able to upgrade to boot 2.x