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Apr 2018
Apr 16 2018 02:38
@akoranne sorry my experience is only limited to the eureka
haven't tried vcap yet
Tommy Ludwig
Apr 16 2018 02:39
@davidkarlsen tentative release dates should always be available here:
Apr 16 2018 05:07

I'm trying to configure on what exceptions a ribbon client will do retry, spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#1784
I found that DefaultLoadBalancerRetryHandler has default (not configurable)

private List<Class<? extends Throwable>> retriable = 
            Lists.<Class<? extends Throwable>>newArrayList(ConnectException.class, SocketTimeoutException.class);

How can i extend this class to override getRetriableExceptions() and inject it to RibbonClientConfiguration?
I can't create regular @Bean as the ribbon client has another application context

    public RetryHandler retryHandler(IClientConfig config) {
        return new DefaultLoadBalancerRetryHandler(config);
Apr 16 2018 07:47
does cloud config monitor support Amazon MQ?
we want to swap out rabbit mq with amazon mq
Apr 16 2018 10:40
amazon mq is basically just apache mq
Fabian Wallwitz
Apr 16 2018 11:03
hi.. when i use /refresh and do valdiation of imported external cfg here, how can cause the Get /refresh to return other than 200 if that valdiation failed?
i staying with my old (not refreshed beans) then and want th caller to know of the /refresh not sucessful
I used a subcription of the spring event to listen to the /refresh triggered event...therefore i fear the clle is asycn and the Rest response 200 is already out..
Is the async behaviour the same for a bean that is anotated with @RefreshScope .?
Karl Boyle
Apr 16 2018 12:23
Hey all - Anyone know I can grab the RequestContext in Gateway? Just wanna grab the request and check for a cookie. Doing it inside my own ZoneAvoidanceRule.
Only thing ive found is implementing GatewayFilter to get access to ServerWebExchange but that doesnt seem right
Eric Deandrea
Apr 16 2018 14:29

I’m trying to write some integration tests within a library which supports both server and reactive libraries. In my reactive tests I’m using ‘@SpringBootTest(properties=“spring.main.web-application.type=reactive”)’

My project also has spring-cloud-context on its classpath and I’m noticing that spring-cloud’s ‘BootstrapApplicationListener’ is getting run, which is setting ‘spring.main.web-application-type=none’, which makes my test error out due to ‘Unable to start ReactiveWebApplicationContext due to missing ReactiveWebServerFactory bean’.

Removing spring-cloud-context as a dependency fixes this test but breaks other part of my codebase that depends on it.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Spencer Gibb
Apr 16 2018 16:34
@chad_d_stud_twitter that is a spring cloud stream issue (since that is what the bus uses)
@karlboyle there isn't a RequestContext in gateway. ServerWebExchange is the right thing to use.
Karl Boyle
Apr 16 2018 16:36
Thanks @spencergibb I assume thats because everything is reactive? (learning as I go :) )
Spencer Gibb
Apr 16 2018 16:37
Apr 16 2018 16:39
@spencergibb so that’s a no?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 16 2018 16:40
That's an I'm not sure, check with stream
Apr 16 2018 16:41
I also think it could just be a config change
Apr 16 2018 16:50
Is it okay or advisable to call another service in an api gateway filter prior to actually routing to another service?
I want to do some validation or transformation to a passed parameter prior to being routed
Spencer Gibb
Apr 16 2018 16:53
as long as it is non-blocking
John D Giotta
Apr 16 2018 19:44
Is key management in cloud config optioned symmetric or asymmetric? Meaning if I do the following do I lose symmetric?
    location: file:/server.jks
    password: letmein
    alias: client
    secret: changeme
  key: jO9<L~6!!
I find the documentation a little confusing. I understand it as: if I provide a encrypt.key then I will always get symmetric keys