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Apr 2018
Apr 20 2018 09:41
@hoswey Noticed the same issue here. Did you solve it?
Jose Armesto
Apr 20 2018 10:27
@ryanjbaxter I'm getting Plugin with id 'spring-boot' not found
just copying and pasting what the quickstart has
Dieter Hubau
Apr 20 2018 13:56
does Spring Cloud Gateway work with Spring Security OAuth2 ? Since it seems to have a dependency on spring-mvc, no?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 20 2018 16:11
@Turbots which is "it"?
Ryan Baxter
Apr 20 2018 18:32
@fiunchinho I am not a gradle user but i think it might be part of the gradle file not the whole thing
i know that is true for the maven example
Jose Armesto
Apr 20 2018 18:34
what do you mean?
Ryan Baxter
Apr 20 2018 18:35
disregard that i am wrong
I think it should be apply plugin: 'org.springframework.boot'
let me know if that works for you
Jose Armesto
Apr 20 2018 18:41
if that works, is there a way for me to contribute to getting that fixed on the home page?