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Apr 2018
Apr 25 2018 03:50
I have limited knowledge with reactive java at this point so pardon if the question is a little misguided.
How do web browsers communicate with a rest service that’s reactive? or it doesn’t have to care about this?
oops wrong grou
this should be in spring boot XD
Jan-Niklas W.
Apr 25 2018 09:34
I have a question related to Spring-Cloud-gateway. I want to modify the response body in a filter. I found a small gist for that But if I replace the call of toUpperCase() to replace or something else I don't get a response. Any ideas?
Jan-Niklas W.
Apr 25 2018 09:52
But for some reasons, I don'T get a response if i replace the toUpperCase call to replace()... any ideas?
Jan-Niklas W.
Apr 25 2018 12:31
after activating logging I notice that the connection is closed to early, so that the response isn't send completly.... "Skipping doCommit (response already committed)." any ideas what could cause such a behaviour?
Apr 25 2018 16:04

I'm looking into the API management space and noted a few of the types of requirements i'd expect to see from an end-to-end solution

* Developer Portal / Dev Self Service
    * API Discoverability (API Marketplace) 
    * API Developer Documentation (some sort of api documentation ideally including a spec Swagger, RAML etc.)
    * Request and provision API Access: generate and enforce api key and secret
* Analytics 
    * monitor load levels / error responses etc. per-api
* Policies
    * Apply and enforce policies (rate limiting, DDOS protection etc. )
* Publishing
    * Support defining & publishing endpoints for existing services 
    * Support creating net-new apis based on orchestration of existing marketplace APIs

Now some of these criteria require a centralized web app (e.g. hosted dev platform), some could be implemented as proxies (policies, api key validation) or by agents (agent running as part of backend actual api implementing process is responsible for enforcing policies).

I know you can use Spring Cloud Gateway to provide some of the app runtime requirements, but curious if there is any more full-featured product available that also can tightly integrate with a spring app.

Use case:

I have 3 fine grained spring boot micro service api's and i want to build a Backed for a Frontend api for a mobile app. I want my business management user to be able to do that by using a GUI editor and defining the API in RAML and using a flow builder to connect it to the 3 existing apis that are published and available in the dev portal. Once that's done, i want to deploy this new api.

I know how i would do all of THAT in, say, mulesoft, but the piece that I don't believe that they cover is then making this NEW api available in a RUNTIME service discovery system so that I could write a 4th spring boot app that could consume the new api via looking it up in (Eureka/Consul etc.)

long story short… Does anyone know of any sort of end-to-end API Management Platform that has deeper support for apps built using Spring/Cloud?

Apr 25 2018 17:39
I've added a showcase for 2859. Would be nice to have your feedback