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Apr 2018
Apr 26 2018 03:08

"Currently Spring Cloud Stream supports RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka binders with more binder implementations in the pipeline (such as: Google PubSub and AWS Kinesis).”

Do you guys have a timeline as to when kinesis support would be available?

Apr 26 2018 08:00
I have configured a cloud config server with my custom hosted gitlab solution and for uri, I have to provide .git in the end and it’s configured properly and it clones repository in my specified basedir location but when a config client tries to access, it has .git in the URL, was that not supposed to be trimmed?
Apr 26 2018 09:02

In order to allow push notifications on my config server, I have added spring-cloud-config-monitor but it throws exception that no META-INF/spring.binders resources found on the classpath

Can someone please tell, what else do I require?

Apr 26 2018 09:53
@dosdebug glad you got the spring cloud config thing running in a matter of hours. :) but to address your question, do you have a message broker running? kafka? Rabbitmq?
@dosdebug and can you show us what your build.gradle file contains?
Apr 26 2018 10:11

The above link mentions feign.hystrix.enabled=true but STS4 doesn’t recognize this key in

Apr 26 2018 13:13
How to use the Service Versioning in the Service Discovery(Eureka Server)?
Apr 26 2018 14:23
@chad_d_stud_twitter Yes, I got it, had to setup some amqp
Apr 26 2018 14:42
@dosdebug you got it as in you resolved your problem or you have an MQ?
Apr 26 2018 16:01
@spencergibb how to set up Connection TTL for Spring webservice template ?
Apr 26 2018 17:55
I have a question regarding a distributed job queue with spring.
Please consider the following scenario:
Web clients schedule some long running jobs. These jobs consist of many tasks which should be executed in parallel in the backend. One requirement is, that each task runs exactly once.
Furthermore I want to give the web clients feedback on the progress (when posting giving them some location where a status with remaining, failed and successful tasks can be read).
Which technology (from the spring universe) would you use?
The number of options are overwhelming for me. For example on SO ( someone recommended to use "Spring: Spring Integration + Spring Batch + RabbitMQ" but I am not sure how these should work together. Somewhere else I found spring-cloud-dataflow and spring-cloud-task.
Can you please help to to sort these things and find a good match? Thanks!