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Apr 2018
Abhishek Dujari
Apr 27 2018 07:46
i am hoping my 2 weeks hiatus has made everyone forget and I can start asking stupid questions again
Knut Schle├čelmann
Apr 27 2018 08:37
Can I somehow trigger a live reload of config properties provided by Spring Cloud Config? I tried http POST :8080/actuator/refresh on my client service but this doesn't seem to do anything
Apr 27 2018 09:17
Hi, is there anyone here who successfully downstreamed a WebSocket connection with a working close invocation in the browser which was propagated through the Spring Cloud Gateway instance? I am getting similar behavior described here spring-cloud/spring-cloud-gateway#260 but I do not know how to start debugging this issue.
Apr 27 2018 09:43

I have a working websockets app that goes from a standalone Angular 5 app through an NGINX proxy (for TLS termination), then through Spring Cloud Gateway, and finally to my destination server, all in Kotlin.

@kentoj, @spencergibb Is there any documentation on how to make the WebSocket work with the Spring Gateway?

Apr 27 2018 11:48
@kaidowei, Make simple web client using golang go func is there it s run my task in background,
@kaidowei light weight threads if you use golang
Joshua Street
Apr 27 2018 15:58
hey guys is there a netflix specific gitter channel?
specifically, ribbon
im trying to figure out if i can create RibbonClients in Java
without annotations
basically create ribbon clients programmatically
Spencer Gibb
Apr 27 2018 17:34
@kschlesselmann It should work, what version are you using?
@dharezlak your uri needs to be ws://....
@jjstreet not that I know of. Ribbon existed before spring cloud, so the answer is yes.
Apr 27 2018 19:01
I've added a showcase for 2859. Would be nice to have your feedback
Spencer Gibb
Apr 27 2018 19:03
@gbtec-ext-sergeyuzhakov I don't know what that means
what is 2859?
Apr 27 2018 20:11
Spencer Gibb
Apr 27 2018 20:15
It's in the queue to look at